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Sarah Phillips, Kerri Neven & Melissa Palmer

Pop Education

Sarah Phillips – Managing Director | Education Designer | Digital Developer


Sarah is the founder and Managing Director of Pop Education. Since 2005, she developed VET resources in the online and blended space. Sarah has developed assessments for over 300 unique units of competency and began her assessment career developing assessments for 12 months under the guidance of an ASQA auditor.

Sarah’s previous background in e-learning has allowed her to combine her skills to be a thought leader in the niche space of online assessment and has designed models for validating online assessments and assessment methodology. She is highly regarded in the sector for her management of large projects and her personable approach to client needs, and delivers high quality materials and training, leading her team by example. With a Bachelor of Adult Learning and Development, coupled with a Diploma of e-learning and qualifications in Auditing, Visual Arts and Project Management, Sarah knows all facets of resource development.

More recently Sarah has embarked on a journey into the world of AI, working specifically with small language models and persona development.


BIO: Melissa Palmer – Director | Education Designer | Assessment Specialist

Melissa joined Pop Education and become a Director alongside Sarah and Alex Phillips in 2019.

Pre-Pop Melissa has 15 + years’ experience in the VET sector across a wide range of roles and training organisations both in the public and private sectors. Melissa’s career has seen her become a leading assessment specialist. With the past seven years specifically working in roles providing assessment specialist services in assessment development, assessment validation and training and mentoring.

Melissa has worked in lead roles on many significant projects with Pop Education, including developing the simulated RTO for Pop Education’s and Blackwater Projects TAE suite of resources for online and blended delivery.

Melissa loves working creatively and collaboratively, especially when exploring new avenues for education solutions.


BIO: Kerri Neven – Digital Developer, Education Designer, UX/UI & Graphic Designer.

Kerri has amassed 27 years of experience as a multi-award-winning educator, leading both teachers and students through evolving digital landscapes.

Coming from a family of coders her first post grad study in 1998 focussed on computers in education and concreted the foundations for her interest in the relationship between humans and technology. Since OpenAI hit the world she has supported numerous teams and organisations in the adoption and exploitation of ChatGPT, encouraging the construction of critical and creative mindsets.

Always an explorer and early adopter, she is fascinated with the philosophies both behind and in front of AI, and focuses on best practice in utilising technology, keeping humans at the heart of education.

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