The VET Student Loans Ombudsman (VSLO) investigates problems that VSL students have with their provider.

All VSL providers are expected to comply with the VET Quality Framework, relevant legislation, and range of rules and manuals, as well as with the VSL compliance strategy.

The Ombudsman has recently released a Code of Conduct for VET Student Loans approved providers. It notes that:

“The purpose of the Code is to identify key complaint areas raised by students with a VSL debt and to share proven complaint resolution principles that can increase the ability of students and providers to successfully resolve disputes without the intervention of the VSLO. The Code is not a legislative instrument and while adopting the Code is voluntary, it is viewed by the VSLO as a tool to assist providers to meet their regulatory obligations and improve business practices.”

It offers a set of principles, each with an associated set of good practice guidelines.

The principles focus on: (1) the provision of services to students by providers and (2) principles related to complaint handling. There are 10 principles in all.

In addition the Department of Education, Skills and Employment has a page on its website devoted to VSL providers which may be useful to VDC News readers.

Information about complaints procedures for students can be found here and here.