Two new draft Units of Competency for the TAE Training Package are now out for public review. One relates to a period of teaching/training practice with real learners within an RTO (TAEDEL415) while the other, TAEDEL416, is focused on the needs of younger learners.

The Education Industry Reference Committee (IRC) recently agreed to the development of these two new units of competency to sit as electives within the Certificate IV Training and Assessment. The development of these units was “in response to industry feedback received during the recent Public Review period for this project, as well as other items outlined in the Case for Change.”

The two proposed units

The first of the units, TAEDEL415 Facilitate training within a vocational education and training environment, is a “practicum unit intended to support learners in implementing their skills and knowledge within a Vocational Education and Training Environment whilst under direct supervision of another VET teacher or trainer.”

The second, TAEDEL416 Facilitate learning for young vocational learners, is “intended to support those working in a young learner context, focused on identifying the learning needs of young vocational learners and developing collaborative learning environments.”

A 4-week consultation period is now open “to give industry the opportunity to review and provide feedback on these new products.”

How can you get involved?

Skills for Australia are seeking as much feedback as possible and so to download and review the training products, you’ll need to visit the Skills for Australia website (click the red ‘Training Product Development’ chevron).

If you would like to provide feedback, you need to do that by Thursday 21 July 2022. You can do that either via this survey AND / OR by submitting your feedback or marked up document to

To keep up to date on this project, you can subscribe to their website (top right corner and select ‘Education’) and/or follow them on LinkedIn for updates.