Are you motivated to advance the interests of your fellow training providers and to develop the broader VET sector?

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has implemented a significantly broader educative approach and is improving its regulatory practice in line with recent regulatory reform.

ASQA has now launched an Expression of Interest (EOI) for membership of a new Stakeholder Liaison Group (SLG).

The purpose of the SLG is to engage and consult with providers and other key stakeholders on ASQA’s approach to engagement and education, and to identify and respond to key issues facing providers.

This opportunity will be open to all ASQA-regulated VET providers and to VET sector consultants, with selection criteria that reflect the diversity of ASQA’s regulated community.

In selecting the mix of providers, ASQA will take into account factors relating to the nature of training delivery, including scale, modes, locations, diversity of student populations, and provider performance.

In selecting the individuals to participate as members of the SLG, ASQA will make its selection based on those who hold leadership positions and have a high level of operational authority in their respective organisations, are motivated to advance the interests of providers in their cohort, and are committed to developing the broader VET sector.

If you’re interested in getting involved, view the Terms of Reference, including membership and selection criteria and functions, and complete your EOI application at by 15 May 2020.