VDC 2017 Teaching and Learning Conference – Connect Collaborate and Capture

vdc 2017 teaching and learning conference

The value of great storytelling cannot be underestimated; Adam Voight captivated the VDC 2017 Teaching and Learning Conference participants with tales of reaching out and connecting students and how sometimes small actions can have a huge impact on both students and the broader community. Kieran Murrihy focussed on future possibilities but also highlighted that the future is now, and we need to embrace it. Being strong players in a highly competitive industry requires flexibility, resilience, and a willingness to explore new methods of storytelling. Jordana Borensztajn enthralled the audience with possibilities to reach out through social media and connect with new audiences and ideas, both endless and exciting.

The Conference provided ideas, tools and means to be flexible, resilient and open to new ideas and ways of delivering education and training. The future is now, and we can embrace it.

The Presentations and other highlights are now available on our website here


martin powell
Martin Powell
Chief Executive Officer