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The VDC has had the pleasure of partnering with a number of key VET stakeholders including the Victorian TAFE Association, ACPET, ISS Institute and NCVER to create the VET Practitioner Research Network.

The VET Practitioner Research Network (VPRN) is a group of VET practitioner researchers, educators and organisations united to support, engage and encourage scholarly activity of VET practitioners.

The VPRN portal provides a gateway to identification and location of services and resources and dissemination of practitioner research which can be utilised to inform and improve VET strategy and practice. VET practitioner research will strengthen the sector and raise its profile.

The VPRN is a springboard for practitioner research projects, activities and interactions with other organisations. Head to the VPRN portal now and become a member! The VPRN portal can be accessed at:


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Martin Powell
Chief Executive Officer