PWC’s Skills for Australia website describes the case for change to the TAE as well as the consultation process on proposed changes including a webinar presentation and recording.

In addition, a public review of new training products focused on E-learning and E-assessment has opened. It closes on 12 November.

Changing the TAE?

The TAE package, and particularly the Cert IV, has always enjoyed a measure of controversy. The package was last reviewed in 2015, but there has been a lot of change since then as well, (anyone notice COVID and the movement of many courses online?) so the Education Industry Reference Committee (IRC) now figures it’s no longer entirely fit for purpose and have made a case for change which was approved at the August 2021 meeting of the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC).

Basically, the IRC has argued that the TAE package’s current 6 qualifications and 55 units of competency “do not deliver the variety, nor depth, of skills and knowledge that are relevant in a modern VET teaching, training and assessment environment.”

In addition, it’s argued that the packaging rules for the Cert IV do not “provide adequate flexibility for learners pursuing the variety of VET teaching, training and assessment job roles” nor does the package overall “make use of ‘stackable’ skill sets that allow for a ‘scaffolded’ approach to skill development and attainment of qualifications, addressing skills gaps, and the development of the diverse career pathways in VET”. This is important as it is now getting harder to find potential teachers and trainers that are prepared to take on the Cert IV at the beginning of their careers. This was covered in another article in August too,0 and this project is being highlighted at an NCVER webinar in early December. See details about that here.


The IRC is planning two phases of consultation. The first is running from October to November 2021. It involves a wide range of stakeholders and includes “a series of webinars, surveys, open forums, targeted focus groups and 1:1 consultations.”

The second phase will run from February to March 2022, and “will involve open forums and feedback sessions, in-depth individual interviews and focus groups. These consultations will assist in obtaining detailed feedback on units, emerging skills and training product recommendations.”

A set of slides used in the consultation’s webinar can be accessed here, along with a recording of the webinar held in September this year. What the slides talk about is the size and diversity of the VET workforce. It also looks at the enrolment numbers and completion rates for the various qualifications in the TAE package and the timelines for the project.

The interesting bit is the proposed three stackable skills sets made up from core units of the Cert IV (or its successor), with one set focused on design, while other two are concerned with delivery and assessment respectively.

Another aspect is an e-learning and assessment project. What’s being proposed is two new units of competency (TAEDEL4XX Plan, organise and facilitate e-learning and TAEASS404 E-assess competence) and one new skill set focused on e-learning and e-assessment. You can take a look at these draft training products here.

Staying in touch with this process

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