The Victorian Government recently launched Ice: training for frontline workers – a free, online training package for all Victorians who, as part of their job, come into contact with people who are ice-affected. The training is designed for all frontline workers who work in health, community services, education, police and emergency services, correctional facilities and other service industries. The training package also provides information for employers, including their workplace safety obligations and how they can better support workers who deal with people who use ice. It was developed as part of the Victorian Government’s Ice Action Plan. Ice: training for frontline workers includes the following modules:

  • About ice
  • Effects of ice
  • Communicating with ice users
  • Ice users and critical incidents
  • Interventions
  • Prevention
  • Organisational responses to ice.

Each module contains two to eight topics. Frontline workers and trainers can choose to participate in all of the modules, just one, or any number of individual topics.

Also the Department will be funding half-day training sessions contextualised for education workforces. Training will be available in selected regional areas as well as metropolitan Melbourne. For more information email: