Brendan is a qualified tradesman who has 20 years of experience and has operated his own business successfully for 10 years. Five years ago he decided to follow his passion and he became a trainer at his local TAFE.  After some time he was earmarked as “management material” and started in his current role. Although, Brendan loves his work and enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge with others; he was struggling with dealing with other people and he was starting to think about his position at the TAFE.

Does this sound familiar?

What was happening to Brendan is quite common and can be easily explained and addressed. We are often promoted into leadership and management roles because we are technically good at what we do. We are a highly competent builder, hairdresser, restaurateur, plumber etc. Then, we move into a manager role and the whole ball game changes. We are now expected to know how to be highly competent people managers.

How did you become competent in your chosen profession?

Probably through relevant training, education and practice provided by another person with experience in that area.

Why is learning leadership and management any different?  IT IS NOT!!!

To be a highly competent manager or leader you require up skilling and this is provided by relevant leadership programs and/or individual coaching programs.

So, back to Brendan, in the past 12 months, Brendan has tapped into various programs and undertaken VDC’s one-on-one tailored programs. He is back LOVING his job and making a significant difference to his TAFE organisation.

You, too, can follow Brendan’s LEAD. The VDC Executive, Leadership and Management Coaching Programs contain an innovative mix of traditional leadership programs and leading edge skill development programs. The program has been developed for leaders and managers of organisations with a particular focus on pedagogy, professionalism and partnerships.

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