On behalf of the VDC, I would like to extend our thanks to all that attended the VDC Teaching & Learning conference on 16 & 17 May. Those that were in attendance at the RACV Torquay Resort on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria would no doubt agree it was an engaging, friendly and relaxed experience.

I think a real strength of the VDC continues to be the diversity of attendance at our professional learning programs, with TAFE, private provider, learn local providers and VET in Schools teachers all participating together in professional learning. The conference is the perfect example of this interaction.

The conference theme was how educators can Inspire, Trust and Educate themselves for the benefit of their students. The conference program wasn’t neatly presented under these three themes, but rather embedded in all the presentations and workshops.

The conference program was revamped and extended to two full days to include more interactive workshops with keynote speakers presenting workshops. This allowed delegates to explore the keynote topics in a workshop and dive deeper into the subject matter with the content expert.

Dr. Rich Allen once again proved a most popular presenter and a masterful MC, cleverly using music throughout the two days to engage delegates.

Highly regarded and popular VDC presenters Anni Yaringa and Martin Probst really struck a chord with delegates as experienced VET trainers by providing their insights on how VET providers and trainers can inspire and educate.

Award winning educator Dr. Marcus Powe provided amusing insights through baby boomer banter and tongue and cheek anecdotes to highlight how creative ideas can lead to positive change through his keynote and workshops.

There were keynote presentations and workshops on Design Thinking from Dr. Christine Murphy, a lecturer at RMIT University Graduate School of Business and Law and Swinburne University’s Graduate School of Entrepreneurship.

This was rounded off by an amazing Conference Dinner this year with the introduction of networking drinks as well as two entertainers at the dinner itself, old school magician and jokester Warren Jackman and the ridiculously skilled and funny Marty Ralph with yoyo, lasso, stock whip and spinning tops tricks that achieved two world records and had to be seen to be believed.

Conference presentations and further images can be found here.

Martin Powell

Martin Powell
Chief Executive Officer, VDC