The 2020 VDC Teaching & Learning Conference will focus on an area within the VET sector that is often seen as challenging, Engagement. VDC has listened to your feedback and designed a conference that brings the fundamentals of engaging with industry and engaging with students into the spotlight. Having a successful engagement strategy enables you to build strong relationships and provides clear pathways for your students. Connecting with industry provides insights into the changing dynamics of the workforce and better prepares your students to succeed in their career.

Effective industry engagement plays a key role in building the capability of the VET sector and preparing students for the workforce. Professionals with extensive expertise such as Julie-Anne Sheppard (CEO Cogito Australia) and Alison Wall (Industry Capability at Major Road Projects Victoria) will share their knowledge for successful industry engagement and explore ideas for future industry engagement practices. Over the course of the Conference, multiple industry specialists from the Department of Education and Training and Arun Pradhan (founder of learn2learn) will highlight key trends in the future of work, share methods of best practice and strategies to help you create a meaningful industry engagement plan.

Educators and Trainers have a vital role in the classroom and successful student engagement encourages students to reach their goals and promotes a positive learning experience. The Conference will include inspiring educators with a wealth of experience that will share their insights to enhance teaching and learning. Over the two days, presenters such as Karen Dymke & Jenny Sesta (Thoughtful Works) and Bernadette Bonanno (Victoria University) will introduce frameworks that build the capabilities of your learners and also demonstrate how technology can be a powerful learning tool in the classroom. Facilitators including Jodi Rechsteiner (GOTAFE) – the 2019 Victorian Teacher/Trainer of the year, and Brooke Maxwell (TAFE Gippsland) will also share their own stories and strategies to support successful learning to empower students.

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