What’s AVETRA?

AVETRA is Australasia’s only national, independent association of researchers in the VET sector. AVETRA offers a range of services, but notably they produce VET research publications including Research Today – an e-magazine (not unlike VDC News) that shares and celebrates VET practitioner research. This may be research about VET or research and innovation with and for VET’s industry and community partners.

AVETRA has recognised that there is an enormous body of research – often not called “research” – being done by VET practitioners. Be it innovation support for industry and community stakeholders, or industry-themed or VET-themed inquiry. It may even be the scholarship of teaching and learning – leading to innovation in delivery and assessment within VET.

Research Today is released twice a year with publication usually in the months of April and October. Members can see previous editions of Research Today on the AVETRA website: https://www.avetra.org.au/Research-Today

How you can contribute!

AVETRA is inviting you to contribute to the next edition of Research Today magazine, and here’s what you need to know:

  • Articles should be of around 1000-1500 words and on topics of interest to AVETRA members and the wider VET community (including researchers, academics, VET practitioners and other stakeholders).
  • Articles on VET practitioner-led and applied research are especially welcome.
  • Articles should include the aims of the research, how information was collected, and key findings.
  • If you refer to academic literature, your piece should include the references and a reference list.
  • If you refer to information owned by your industry or community partner, it is vital that the partner has granted permission for you to submit your article.

So, what are you waiting for? You have till Friday, 30 September 2022 to get your articles in.
If you or your colleagues would like to contribute to the magazine, then please contact Andrew Williamson via email andrew.williamson@holmesglen.edu.au or phone 0400 403 755 for more information.