Jacqui Cooper

Jacqui Cooper

5-time Olympian & 5-time World Champion

Championing Your Attitude: This is what is needed to get to the top and stay at the top; it’s a mindset, an outlook, and an attitude we can all have. Jacqui finished her career competing at her 5th Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. She attributes her success over 20 years to passion, self-belief and commitment, but above all, it was her “champion attitude” that gave her longevity and success in her sport. It was an attitude more than just winning and losing; it was an attitude to working in a team, an attitude to her competitors, and attitude to adversity, an attitude to change, and an attitude to a setback; it was an attitude to everything. Jacqui created a positive internal dialogue and a healthy ability to stay positive when everyone and everything around her wasn’t.

Through honest, authentic and energic storytelling, Jacqui’s session will be compelling, believable and relatable. Jacqui’s presentation will inspire change; to rise to a higher place of commitment, self-belief, and passion with a drive to do and want more both personally and professionally. In her long and decorated career, Jacqui competed in 139 World Cup Events, 9 World Championships and 5 Winter Olympic teams. She is the first Australian woman in history (Summer or Winter Games) to have enjoyed this honour. With a record 5 world titles, 39 World Cup medals, 25 World Cup wins and 3 major World Championship medals, Jacqui Cooper is indisputably the greatest aerial skier of all time. Her resilient and entrepreneurial spirit in sport is still the foundation for her success beyond the ski suit.

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