Vicki Abraham

Occupational Therapist, Managing Director of Abraham OT Services

Getting high on passion, trust and leadership

Vicki is an Occupational Therapist by trade and is the Managing Director of Abraham OT Services (AOTS).  Vicki’s vision has always been to continually evaluate community needs and for her practice to provide timely and evidence-based services to her clients so they can live their best life no matter their disability.

Vicki’s sole desire has always been to be able to provide Australians with care and services that are considered routine in the rest of the world.  In 2013, Vicki completed her George Alexander Fellowship, through the International Specialised Skills Institute, within the rehabilitation field, by visiting Europe, the Middle East and America.

In 2014 Vicki established an evidence-based clinic specialising in Upper Limb Rehabilitation, utilising cutting edge technology from Tyromotion – the first of it’s kind in Australia. These intuitive devices use artificial intelligence and machine learning to create interactive games for people with varying conditions.  These robotic and computer-based devices assist to move patients body parts when they are unable to do so themselves.  Using interactive devices which allows for competitive learning has proven to be a fun but challenging way to improve client’s function of their arms and legs.

In 2022 the AOTS clinic expanded and started offering lower limb robotic therapy also.  Vicki’s clinic has been recognised as the only Tyromotion Reference Centre in Australia due to all the work Vicki has been doing with Tyromotion devices over the last 10 years. At the end of 2023 Vicki was trained by Tyromotion and is now certified to train any therapist around the world.

Vicki’s vision continues to be driven by wanting to assist her clients to be able to live their best lives, support them to strive further than they imagined and to provide a fun environment to build their confidence with tasks everyone else takes for granted.

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