Copyright Agency is the nationally appointed body to administer the Statutory Education Licence. They are appointed to fulfill this role by the Australian Government under the legislation (the Copyright Act 1968).

Copyright Agency is currently looking to make the broader sector aware of the rate card changes and has recently made a significant announcement relating to changes to the rates that private education providers (including VET providers) are charged for their access to the Statutory Education Licence from 1 January 2024.

The review included consideration of customer feedback, analysis of comparable market offerings and assessment of the current sector. Additionally, Copyright Agency consulted with key industry peak organisations IHEA, ITECA and English Australia to gain their valuable insights.

The changes to the rate card consist of:

  • The introduction of a reduced EFTSL rate for commercial higher education providers
  • A 16.7% reduction to the percentage of gross receipts payable for all commercial educational institutions (a reduction from 0.3% to 0.25%)
  • A reduced EFTSL rate for non-commercial higher education providers (which is a 10% reduction from the rate that applies to commercial higher education providers)
  • A 20% reduction on all rates for all other non-commercial educational institutions
  • All private education provider ‘minimum fees’ being frozen with no CPI added in 2024
  • Additionally, all commercial higher education providers will have the flexibility to choose between the EFTSL fee or % of gross receipts as part of their annual fee declaration.

The changes take effect from 1 January 2024 and will be implemented for existing licensees as part of the 2024 Licence Update process.

From January, private education providers will be able to enjoy the benefits of cost savings and increased flexibility without compromising on licence coverage – allowing your institution to invest more in educational excellence.

“After conducting a review, we are pleased to introduce the new rate card for individually licensed private education providers.  The new rate card aims to strike a balance between affordability for institutions and fair remuneration for our creator members,” said Guy Johnson, Copyright Agency Director of Licensing

Copyright Agency takes pride in fostering strong customer partnerships whilst ensuring their members are fairly compensated for the use of their works which helps to support a sustainable creative ecosystem.

You can read the announcement here.