Did you know that students can download their VET qualifications online at no cost? A USI VET transcript contains all VET qualifications in one verified document.

Since 2015, anyone undertaking Nationally Recognised Training has been required to get a Unique Student Identifier (USI). Students can access an authenticated VET transcript through their USI account, which collates their nationally recognised training outcomes in a single record.

The USI VET transcript allows students to:

  • keep a verified record of all their VET qualifications since 2015 in one place
  • verify completed qualifications for a potential employer
  • assist in seeking a credit transfer
  • demonstrate prerequisites when doing more study.

All nationally recognised training will appear on a USI VET transcript and is verified by the Australian Government.

Viewing and sharing training outcomes is valuable for students, employees, and employers.

Visit the USI website to find out more about the VET transcripts for students.