A new issues register has been developed by Skills for Australia and is available on their website. This register is a living, breathing document that will be updated every month or so. There is also an associated feedback survey on the issues raised in the register or other issues that might occur to VDC News readers about the TAE.

In the last issue we highlighted work being done to revise the TAE package. You can take a look at that article here.

It’s interesting to see the issues that have emerged so far, many of which are not unexpected. These include whether:

  • the package develops what is needed for the current VET teaching workforce, including the development of pedagogical and andragogical knowledge
  • it is sufficiently flexible to reflect teaching specialisations and skills needs especially in areas such as VET in schools and for enterprise-based providers
  • a more scaffolded approach is needed involving the use of more skill sets and pathways to ease entry into VET teaching, and
  • there is a need for a mandatory work placement requirement.

Take a look and stay in touch!