This inaugural International Webinar on November 30th is brought to you by the Education & Training Foundation (ETF), United Kingdom and the VET Development Centre (VDC), Australia. Join us for this free online event that focuses on sustainability principles in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector, with a focus on Green Skills.

Hear from international guest speaker Maddie Booth, Educator for Sustainable Development, on behalf of ETF, followed by insights from Bill Mundy, Associate Director Partnerships and Growth, Federation TAFE, Australia. Stay engaged as our Masters of Ceremonies, Vikki Smith, Director of Education at ETF, and Martin Powell, CEO of VDC, co-host a Q&A session. Don’t miss this opportunity,

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When: Thursday, 30 November 2023
10:00 PM – 11:00 PM AEDT | 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM GMT
(7:00pm WA | 8:30pm NT | 8:30pm SA | 9:00pm QLD)

Join Maddie as she looks at how in an increasingly interconnected world, the pursuit of sustainability in vocational education and further education is of paramount importance. This international talk will delve into the pivotal role these sectors play in addressing global sustainability challenges. Together, we will explore innovative approaches to infusing sustainability principles into curriculum and practices, empowering learners with skills to build a more sustainable future. We’ll discover how educators, institutions, and policymakers from around the world are collaborating to inspire positive change, foster environmental stewardship, and meet the demands of a rapidly evolving, sustainable job market.

Drawing firsthand from his recent international research, Bill will take us on a journey into Training our Future Wind Energy Workforce. The transition to a zero emissions-based economy by mid-century or sooner requires the phasing out of fossil fuel energy generation and its replacement with renewable energy generation sources lead by wind and solar energy. Bill’s presentation will focus on his learnings from his travel fellowship that addresses the need for the development and identification of the training and pathways needed to enable the workforce of the future to be developed in support of the wind energy generation sector as we transition away from fossil fuels rapidly in Australia. This includes the maintenance and operation of wind powered renewable energy assets required to build capabilities to respond to the needs of the growing wind energy sector. It is vital for the success of the renewable energy sector that we create a skilled and forward-looking workforce, that supports our drive toward a zero emission economy.