The Journal of Vocational Education has issued a call for a special edition that explores the social role of colleges in international perspectives.

The role of universities and schools has been well theorised, but less so the role of colleges. When they are theorised at all, they are often cast in residual terms, as doing what schools and universities don’t do. In contrast, in our call, we argue that the social role that colleges play is vital for the economic and social well-being of the students, communities, industries and regions they serve, and that they are fundamental in supporting social inclusion and sustainability.

They are referring to community colleges, further education colleges, TAFE, polytechnics and vocational colleges.

You can submit your abstracts here: 

500 word abstracts are due by 2 October 2023. 

 The editors of this special edition are Gavin Moodie (, Jakob Kost ( and me ( They’d be very happy to answer any questions or to talk through any ideas you may have for a paper.