Using Lockdowns to develop a proprietary technology in an industry built on face-to-face communication.

The AudioVisual industry was built upon face-to-face communication. Audio, Vision and Lighting technologies have developed so proficiently to bedazzle and inform, in a way that is best experienced in-person.

The last few years threw a (very large and unwieldy) wrench into that. MAV saw this as an opportunity to adapt. With the event landscape dramatically shifting and a sudden luxury of available time, we delved into developing a proprietary Hybrid and Virtual Event model. Our talented team, veterans of the once-tireless event industry, were tasked with building the framework for a Virtual Event model that was unique to MAV.

Our goal was to offer:

  • The latest technology for high-quality, virtual event creation.
  • A highly detailed and catered quotation model, flexible for any and every event requirement.
  • Detailed operational diagrams and technical instructions to build our knowledge-base and train our technicians with.
  • Affordable but quality.

It is with great pride that we can announce MAV achieved these targets, even exceeding them on many fronts. We understood early on that this process was a calculated risk. To dedicate such time and talent into what may turn out to be a fleeting enterprise was a real possibility. Our dedicated staff have created a robust and demonstrable system which has proven to last well beyond the hangover of lockdowns.

Virtual and Hybrid Events will not be fading into obscurity. They have proven their worth beyond what was once just a compromise to global circumstances. Individuals and enterprises alike have learnt the luxury of what on-demand truly means. MAV has had the privilege to facilitate events that would have otherwise been beyond the scope of budget or plausibility. Thousands of guests, with presenters from across the globe, are now facilitated by MAV on an ever-growing schedule.

We knew that we must intimately understand the technology we were working with. To simply commandeer other methods would not be enough; MAV needed its own unique fingerprint in Virtual Events. As such, we conceived our model entirely from the ground up. It had humble beginnings of pen-on-paper, with our senior technicians conceptualising many iterations of signal-flow diagrams. The diagrams ended up looking like topographical maps, with highways of cables and labelled equipment going in every imaginable direction.

Traditional, in-person AV tends to work in much more predictable ways. The signal flow of our technology behaves much live a river: water flows like sound flows through a microphone to a speaker. Virtual and Hybrid events include this flow, but with the complicated addition of ‘upstream’ flows of signal. Presenters must communicate with the virtual audience, and the audience must communicate with the presenters, both of whom must also communicate with the recording, and so on. What you end up with is a matrix of communication, with every point being a ‘switch’ that can be toggled based on event requirements.

We’re extremely proud of the Virtual and Hybrid Events we’ve created and delivered. Our proprietary knowledge has given us the confidence and strength in knowing exactly what we’re delivering for each successful event.

Uncertainty is no longer a term that MAV employs in our line of work.