The new Jobs and Skills Councils (previously called “Industry Clusters”) were announced recently. As of 1 January 2023, they became the key organisations responsible for driving industry engagement and identifying workforce and training solutions in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. Ten have been announced, including:

Agribusiness, covering industries of primary production—plants and animals—as well as textiles, clothing and footwear, forestry, timber and furnishing. Emerging industries around natural resources security and environmental management.

Arts, Personal Services, Retail, Tourism and Hospitality, covering ‘high street’ human services such as hairdressing, floristry, travel, hospitality as well as the creative economy with fine art, ceramics, music, dance, theatre and screen and provide wholesale and retail services. Emerging industries include online sales.

Energy, Gas and Renewables, covering the industries of electricity, gas, renewable energy and storage or the use of resources in the production of energy. Emerging industries include hydrogen.

Finance, Technology and Business, covering professional services or otherwise supporting the needs of a successful business including marketing, accounting human resources, digital literacy, information and communication technologies. Emerging industries of cyber security, financial technologies, artificial intelligence and the internet of things will also be included.

Manufacturing, covering industries of manufacturing and engineering, light manufacturing including pharmaceuticals, print, food and advanced manufacturing. Emerging industries include defence and space technologies.

Mining and Automotive, covering industries involved in mineral exploration and extraction operations and automotive. Emerging industries covering driverless automotive technologies.

Transport and Logistics, covering industries involved in warehousing and distribution operations as well as transport, including rail, maritime, aviation and logistical support and supply chains. Emerging industries include omnichannel logistics and distribution and air and space transport and logistics.

Public Safety and Government, covering industries directly involved in public service (e.g., local government, police, corrective services, public safety).

Early Educators, Health and Human Services, covering industries that offer community services and support such as aged care, disability services, mental health, early childhood education and health, sport and recreation services.”

Building, Construction and Property, covering industries that provide property services, small or large scale construction services, traditional building as well as large scale civil infrastructure services.

You can access information about them here.