The National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) is thrilled to announce the revamped VOCEDplus website has just been released, offering a more enriching user experience. With more than 97,000 publications in the VOCEDplus database to explore, these exciting new features make it easier than ever to find quality research and statistics to meet your information needs:

My Profile: Seamlessly retain your search progress and My Selection beyond a single session using the newly created My Profile tool. To create your free profile, click on the little purple person icon in the top right corner of the homepage and then ‘Sign Up ‘ in the Login pop up. All you need to enter is a valid email address and a password, open the welcome email sent to your email address, click on the account verification link, and your profile is set up and ready to use in just a few minutes!

Improved My Selection: You can now use My Selection to organise, save, and categorise items for future reference with ease.

Access search history and saved searches: Save time by storing your search information.

Enhanced search functionality: Enjoy increased flexibility in search options.

  • You can now enter BOOLEAN and other search operators directly into the search box in guided searches, making it easier to search for multiple items in a single field. Not sure what that means? No worries, there are helpful tips on the Guided Search page to explain how to do it.
  • Search results pages now display your search string in the search box, allowing you to modify and re-run searches without having to retype the search.
  • Select multiple terms within each facet to filter your search results.

Improved navigation: Access resources such as the Knowledge Bank, VET Practitioners and Pod Network directly from any page using the top menu for added convenience.

All the other great VOCEDplus resources are still available, including:

Glossary of VET: Australia’s vocational education and training sector loves acronyms and has hundreds of them. Ever wondered what some of them are about or what a specific term means? This glossary has all the answers!

Our Research: Presents two research products developed by the VOCEDplus team.

What if? papers are designed to outline and compare recent insights into popular topics relating to VET. The first release in this thoughtful series is What if we could eliminate the stigma of VET?

Using references found in VOCEDplus and elsewhere, the second research product, Focus on… provides an up-to-date ‘snapshot’ of research on topical issues in the tertiary education sector by presenting relevant and quality information including research analysis, policy, commentary, multimedia, and statistics that introduce the topic and provide a guide to key resources. The current Focus on… Foundation skills is well worth a look.

Timelines: Shows you how VET in Australia has evolved to its current form, with a range of intriguing timelines focussed on various aspects. For example, the Timeline of Australian VET policy initiatives: 1998-2022 reveals the scale of change and the individual policies, programs or initiatives that have shaped VET at both the national and state and territory level.

Special collections: VOCEDplus plays a key role in the archiving and preservation of VET research and this page makes it easy to access nine special collections of materials, including:

  • Australian government collection – brings together Australian and state/territory government publications that relate to the VET system.
  • Industry collection – collates industry-based resources, research and policy related to labour market skill needs.
  • LLND collection – contains current and historical language, literacy, numeracy, and digital literacy/skills (LLND) resources.

Keen to learn more? Join us for a free webinar on the new-look website on Wednesday 20 March 2024.

Explore the new VOCEDplus website today!