Every year NCVER produces a publication which summarises its research messages. It’s 2022’s turn this year!

The research outputs, which can be accessed here, are based around a number of themes, including:

  • The COVID pandemic, covering COVID 19, workforce development, training delivery, online training and youth transitions,
  • VET delivery and practice, including online and training delivery, quality, RTOs and CBT, and
  • Student engagement and outcomes, including pathways, VET in schools, foundation skills, higher education and student equity.

The publication includes the key findings from their program of research (covering 12 reports and a discussion paper), “information resources collated by NCVER that help explain the VET system and its related policies” [and] [two] submissions to parliamentary inquiries and public consultations. It also provides details about VET conferences – with a particular focus on NCVER’s No frills conference. There are also details of 21 external presentations by NCVER staff at various events and conferences, three webinars and other NCVER research communications – including podcasts. Finally, over 3000 titles were added to the VOCEDPlus database during the year.

Each of the project descriptions provides and brief overview of the work, a summary of findings and the key messages – together with links to any related publications.

It’s a good summary of NCVER’s most recent work, and maybe worth a look? VDC News has also published articles on much of this research and these can be found in the VDC News archives.