The fact is the South Australian budget is more focused on what’s in it for TAFE. Other providers are covered as well, however. The budget overview points to the following initiatives:

  • $12.2 million over four years to provide revenue relief reflecting developments in the skills system, including the introduction of fee-free training in priority courses,
  • $10.2 million over four years to establish a Regional Skills Development Fund that will ensure TAFE SA can offer more courses in rural and regional South Australia, aligned with the needs of local industry and government priorities,
  • $9 million over three years for equipment and capital grants to support TAFE SA, not-for-profit and industry-based providers to invest in contemporary infrastructure, equipment and technology aligned with areas of skill demand and economic priorities, and
  • $4.2 million over four years to continue the GTO [Group Training Organisation] Boost program to support mature age apprentices to make a successful transition to the skilled workforce.

In addition, priority fee-free TAFE has been introduced to provide “women facing economic insecurity with the opportunity to undertake study in non-traditional fields so they can access new and higher-level skills.” TAFE SA has also been funded to reintroduce aged care, disability care, child protection and childcare courses to support women with their careers.

Finally, $28 million has been provided “over four years to address current and emerging skill shortages and support quality training through a targeted increase in the training subsidy for high quality not-for-profit and industry-based training providers aligned with areas of skill demand and economic priorities.”