This timeline forms part of NCVER’s VET Knowledge Bank which is found on their VOCEDPlus site. First published in 2018, it provides information about national, state and territory programs and policy initiatives that impact participation in VET from 1998 onwards. Thus, it presents 26 years of the national, state and territory programs, policy initiatives and economic events. You can sort by jurisdiction, including the Commonwealth, and also by other categories that might potentially interest you, including apprentices and trainees, students, equity groups, providers, employees and job seekers, industry and employers, external influences, government.

Another section covers topics like program delivery, and provides “an introduction to national, state and territory skills lists, apprenticeships, skills recognition, equity, career guidance and VET delivered to secondary students.” Yet another looks and inquiries and reviews while a third looks at government bodies.

But wait, there’s more!

Other elements of the VET Knowledge Bank include a Glossary of VET terms, a Getting to know VET site which is especially useful for VET newbies, a History of VET site and a site where the sector’s landmark or key influential documents can be found.

Other elements of the Knowledge Bank provide details about VET governance and regulation; a site that highlights key VET organisations and resources, including information about past and present research organisations and representative bodies that have or have had a stake in the Australian VET sector and finally a site which suggests key reading that supplements the reading suggested on the VET history and Landmark documents sites.