The VET National Teaching & Learning Conference 2023 is fast approaching. Have you secured your tickets? It’s being held on 17 & 18 August, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Tickets are selling fast – and there’s a special 10% discount for group bookings of 10 or more. 

In the last edition, we spotlighted two of the showstopping keynotes, and this edition we’re featuring 3 more.

On Day 1, join Dr Susan James Relly – Professor in Vocational Education, Univ. of Adelaide – for Good People in a Complex System. Professor Susan James Relly is the Head of the School of Education; Faculty of Arts, Business, Law, and Economics, at the University of Adelaide. Susan completed a Bachelor of Education at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and read for a MSc in Comparative and International Education and a DPhil in Education at the University of Oxford. Susan’s entire career has been in education in various forms: she taught in secondary schools in Australia and England before starting her academic career. 

First thing on Friday morning, you can find Nasir Sobhani – The Streets Barber, Hairdresser for the homeless – to explore and unpack the idea that all human beings have been blessed with at least one key talent or gift, the purpose of which is to benefit and improve humankind. This presentation, Living A Life of Purpose, will discuss ways in which one can identify what that individual talent or gift is and how, ultimately, it can be used to benefit and assist humanity. Nasir has earned his affectionate title spending his time taking to Melbourne’s streets offering free haircuts and shaves to the homeless and less fortunate. His inspirational story of compassion and generosity has received significant attention globally. Nasir was also one of the five people to be profiled as part of the Kenneth Cole Courageous Class Campaign in New York, celebrating individuals who have overcome obstacles in life to become inspiring role models. 

Also featuring on Friday is Aimee Stanton – The Lady Tradie, Plumber turned Tiny House Builder. Aimee’s presentation, Dare To Be Different, will be covering her journey overcoming obstacles and why she chose to become a Plumber instead of following a traditional pathway. Aimee shares how she went from getting expelled to completely changing her view on the education system, turning her life around and getting on the road to success. With her bubbly energetic personality and laid-back attitude, Aimee Stanton’s not your average tradie. Plumber turned DIY specialist & Tiny House Creator, she’s well-known for being one of Australia’s first Lady Tradie Presenters & a passionate advocate for Women in the Trades. She believes that growth occurs personally and professionally when you are willing to step beyond your comfort zone. 

VDC is able to bring our guests such amazing speakers thanks to our Sponsors!