The VET National Teaching & Learning Conference 2023 is fast approaching. Have you secured your tickets? It’s being held on 17 & 18 August, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Register here, tickets are selling fast – and there’s a special 10% discount for group bookings of 10 or more.

With only a month to go till this spectacular 2-day event, we’re spotlighting a couple of the Keynote speakers who you can see.

Delegates can join Jacqui Cooper, 5-time Olympian & 5-time World Champion, for a lesson in Championing Your Attitude. Jacqui finished her career competing at her 5th Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. She attributes her success over 20 years to passion, self-belief and commitment, but above all, it was her “champion attitude” that gave her longevity and success in her sport. It was an attitude more than just winning and losing; it was an attitude to working in a team, an attitude to her competitors, and attitude to adversity, an attitude to change, and an attitude to a setback; it was an attitude to everything. Jacqui created a positive internal dialogue and a healthy ability to stay positive when everyone and everything around her wasn’t.

You can also be energised by Louise Mahler, Gravitas Expert & Keynote Speaker of the Year, for her presentation: From Amateur to Professional: Let’s push from competence to excellence. Dr Louise Mahler will show you how the performers do it, because if you don’t go out and do it right every night, you don’t last on the big stage. And confidence is competence and that competence is in the areas of vocal presence, body power and clear and concise communication with humour and joy. In this incredibly hands-on, practical and often hilarious session, we will build a process for rocketing up the scale with skills of body and voice that you can take away immediately remembering the amateur practises until they get it right and the professional practises until they can’t get it wrong. Come, cheer and clap and become part of the audience claque. Get engaged, get excited and let’s perform! Let’s rebuild the joy of actually communicating with each other so that we can move ourselves out of personal discomfort, guide your students and organisations through turmoil and lead our nation towards a positive future.

VDC is able to bring our delegates such amazing speakers thanks to our Sponsors!