Introducing Keynote Dr. John Flett: Digital technology challenges

Ed 12 Article 1

Designing, developing and implementing training solutions for business and industry is becoming increasingly complex as the number of learning tools and applications continues to grow and expand. Further complicating things is the widening gap between organisations that have already begun to engage with technology, and those will little or no digital literacy.

Dr John Flett’s keynote presentation at the 2018 VDC Teaching and Learning Conference will be Digital technology challenges, innovations and strategies for industry and workplace settings.

Dr Flett will be speaking on topics including industry learning and development expectations, digital challenges for industry, Contemporary workplace training challenges, digital training challenges for RTOs and trainers and industry workplace strategies.

Dr Flett has over 20 years senior management experience in educational and training delivery and design in the vocational and secondary education systems in Australia. He is currently Head of Education Development at Gordon Institute of TAFE.  He has headed delivery and innovation centres in TAFE; as well as led an Enterprise-based Registered Training Organisation in the natural resources sector. He has been a member of a number of industry training advisory groups and not-for-profit learning and education networks.

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