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Department of Education and Training- Education State and Skills First Grant Program

In 2017, as part of the Victorian Government’s Education State and Skills First initiative, the Department of Education and Training (DET) provided VDC with funds for workforce development projects. The Grant Program’s purpose was to support training providers to realign their business needs to meet the challenges and opportunities of the Education State and Skills First initiatives. The Projects have focussed on areas of organisational workforce capability. On Thursday 30 November we will be showcasing a number of projects to highlight improved student outcomes and service to industry and employers. Presentations will be provided by:

  • RMIT University – TAFE Teacher Capability Building
  • AMES – Skilled Professional Migrant Program
  • ENCOMPASS – Community Engagement: Disability
  • RIST- Digital Literacy in Agricultural Education (Digital Innovation)
  • Victoria Polytechnic – Dealing with CALD students who have experienced trauma
  • Melbourne Polytechnic – Language, Literacy and Numeracy

VDC Training Facilities available

In August VDC moved to new premises in the Melbourne CBD with multiple training rooms and an executive boardroom. This move was a part of a strategic plan to deliver our programs on site, allowing more flexibility and training room accessibility to the sector.  To date VDC training facilities, Executive Boardroom and webinar facilities have been utilised by various government agencies, Professional Education and VET associations as well as international delegations.  To book our facilities or find out more please contact Melinda Kavanagh, VDC Event Manager on 1300 917 150 or at


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Martin Powell
Chief Executive Officer