VDC Expert Advisory Panel

The VDC Strategic Plan 2018-2020 has a clear focus on quality in the VET workforce to enable better outcomes for learners and industry. Part of VDC’s vision is for a reinvigorated professional learning program that builds the capability of the VET professional workforce in support of the Victorian Government’s Education State and Skills First initiatives. To progress towards this vision, VDC Executive has established an Expert Advisory Panel to inform VDC 2019 Professional learning programs.

The aim is to support an informed approach to VDC continuous professional development. The Expert Advisory Panel will provide direction, advice and inform the design of the VDC 2019 Professional learning program as well as government funded programs throughout the 2019 calendar year.

Free VET Career Pathway Workshop

We need to ensure that the future workforce have the right skills to navigate the future of work. Technology is rapidly changing, how we work is changing as well as the workplace, education and agile workplace learning are essential for all businesses striving to deliver their current services as well as having to respond to intense technological change. VDC wants to ensure the VET sector is equipped with the latest insights and skills, enabling teachers to support students with informed career plans, amid a time of rapid technological and social change.

VDC is offering a FREE half day workshop to support the on-going development of professional Career Teachers providing career planning to young people. The VET Career Pathway: Getting the Message Out There workshop will be held at VDC on 5 December 2018. Workshop numbers are limited to 40 participants. Register here


martin powell

Martin Powell
Chief Executive Officer