The VOCEDplus special collections provide quick access to sets of related research and resources in the VOCEDplus repository that VDC News readers may find useful.

So, what’s there?

Recently the VOCED team reorganised and revamped this resource to focus on a series of collections in 6 broad areas.

The first is Key research and policy by region. This lets you look at national collections as well as ones focused on each state and territory. But wait, there’s more! The collections also cover other regions across the world.

A second is a series of  Program-based collections. This includes material from the Longitudinal Survey of Australian Youth; Reframing the future (Quick quiz: How many of you remember or were part of that initiative?); a Language, Literacy and Numeracy archive and a collection which brings together current and historical publications relating to the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

Next you can access Organisation-based collections, including the new Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) collection. Things in it that may be of real interest, though, are collections related to publications produced by the former Australian National Training Authority (ANTA) and an archive of work undertaken under the auspices of the Flexible Learning Advisory Group (FLAG) – and this is a timely one when considering how teaching, learning and assessment could be more flexible in a post-COVID world.

Finally, there are a series of discrete collections of information from key VET conferences, as well as providing access to VET-related theses, and work looking at VET and higher education pathways research.

Surely there might be something for you!