The South Australian Government has conducted a review of its Skills and Development Regulations, which is expected to come into operation on 1 July 2021.

It’s looking “to develop a more responsive, flexible training system that is easy to navigate and geared towards workforce needs.”

What triggered this?

In short, it was the key recommendations from the Training and Skills Commission’s Skills for Future Jobs 2020 Series: Future-proofing the Apprenticeship and Traineeship System report.

What they proposed was establishing the South Australian Skills Commission, which is “in line with the national emphasis on skills to support economic recovery,”  as well as expanding the scope of trades and declared vocations; streamlining employer registration, including ability to declare an employer a prohibited employer; introducing a fee for employers on transfer of a trainee or apprentice and finally balancing obligations on parties to an apprenticeship or traineeship recognising other trade training.

What they have done

They undertook a consultation process based around a series of issues papers. These examined governance and regulation and promoting new apprentice and traineeship pathways. In addition, they looked into developing both responsive and best practice legislation.

A paper summarising the outcomes of the consultation process can be found here.

You can visit the site by going to this link.