Are you designing your online courses with compliance and audits in mind? If not, there’s a lot of reasons why you should be

Online courses have unique compliance requirements, and you can save many headaches by incorporating compliance from the start.

In this entertaining lunchtime webinar scheduled for 13 March 2019, Presenter Anni Yaringa shares the essential differences in online and traditional course design. Most importantly, she shares how you can embed a knowledge and understanding of online course auditing and compliance requirements into your course design from the start can save a lot of headaches later.

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The Establish & Manage Practical Placements half day workshop 13 March 2019 assists Registered Training Organisation (RTO) staff to organise and monitor practical placements to maximise learning opportunities and outcomes.

The session will cover the requirements set out in the Practical Placement Guidelines, how they can support your RTO to create meaningful industry placements and ensure that both the RTO and employers are meeting their obligations for practical placements.

This practical and feature packed event is perfect for staff working on the 2018 -19 Skills First Funding Contract compliance and VET staff involved with student placements.

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