VDC is thrilled to have secured Keynote Speaker, David Bartlett, for the VDC Teaching & Learning Conference (online 17 & 18 Nov 2022). Join David in his presentation on “the death of the job, the future of work” and how technology is stealing our jobs, right? Wrong. But technology and ubiquitous connectivity is irreversibly changing the nature of work and will in the future kill the very idea of a job. David Bartlett unpacks the ‘uberisation’ of work, the technological changes to work and the new work markets that are emerging that millennials are engaging with in unprecedented numbers.

David Bartlett is the only person who was both ward of the state of Tasmania for the first 18 years of his life and the former Premier of Tasmania at the young age of 40. His political experience has seen him lead companies and people across all sectors through transformative innovation and change.

This is an unprecedented time of user and device-driven behaviour and David Bartlett understands that traditional business models are increasingly becoming redundant, as we live in a highly connected world.

David shows his audience how the digital disruption we are new seeing will affect their businesses and futures. This includes new ways to create wealth, disruptive ways to have customer conversations and new solutions for business problems.

Thanks to a world of experience, David Bartlett offers convincing and knowledgeable advice that every CEO and Director needs to know about delivering up-to-date digital services as well as revised business and people models for a time of ‘ubiquitous connectivity’.

David Bartlett has forged a career at the forefront of innovation, technology and science. And he will forge an even stronger relationship with your audience, leaving them with the invaluable lessons they’ll need to manage business transformation.

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