Guided by a distinct lack of services available for education providers, combined with a drive to start up a successful business, Sarah Phillips and her brother Alex Phillips created Pop Education.

Sarah brought many years of education industry expertise and knowledge and along with Alex’s multimedia and digital development skills, the sister and brother duo identified a gap in the market where customised digital development services were hard to come by at that moment in time.

Enter Pop.

Starting their own business meant Sarah and Alex could guide the process to promote quality products and encourage departments to back and understand their investment. They also wanted to create a balance between a challenging and rewarding working environment with the demands that life can bring by building a remote, flexible workforce.
Fast forward six years and e-learning is now the cornerstone of many education providers. Some providers were already moving toward this model, but COVID-19 was the not-so-gentle push that others needed to transition to this essential mode of learning and the benefits it brings.

A remote and flexible workforce also became a necessity and whilst other organisations scrambled to build a successful remote environment in a short space of time, Pop had already been doing it for years and there was minimal disruption to the organisation and workflow.

Pop’s commitment to quality, backed by a team of VET industry, digital development and education experts has seen the business grow from Sarah and Alex to a team of 14 under a successful remote workplace model. To support the growth of Pop, a new director Melissa Palmer was appointed this year who not only brings her own extensive industry knowledge to the table but operations and organisational expertise as well.

Our growth also meant we needed a permanent space to call home and our Head Office in Bendigo opened in 2021. Whilst still supporting a remote and flexible workforce that spans two states, we love nothing more than bringing the creative minds of our team together to brainstorm and explore the possibilities of what we can offer to the education sector.
Our team of experts leverage from real-world learning and assessment experiences, understand industry compliance and best practice and also what makes the learning experience enjoyable from the students’ perspective. We create learning that sticks and translates into real knowledge and skills in the workplace – and we make it fun!

The dream that Sarah and Alex had all those years ago has not only become a reality, Pop has honed their skills in learning and assessment design along with digital courseware development. We have a reputation second to none and we are proud to be the platinum sponsor for the 2022 VDC Teaching and Learning conference. We can’t wait to see you there and chat to you about how we can assist you.

We love a challenge, are built on curiosity and are excited about the future of Pop and what it can bring to our clients, learners, and the education sector.